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Dates and Places

Chaos Mountain Brewery

Oct. 4th - 8th

Black Bean Burrito $9

  Add: Smoked Pulled Pork $12

Jamaican Black Turtle Beans, Salsa, Cheddar, Sour Cream, Red Onion, in a grilled flour tortilla


Fish Tacos  $12

Or Shrimp Tacos $12

With Asian Slaw, Sriracha Mayo and Wasabi Sour Cream


Smoked Pulled Pork

(Both come with fries and slaw)

Pulled Pork Sandwich $8

Pulled Pork Plate $12


Catfish Po’boy $10

Shrimp Po’boy $12

Oyster Po’boy $16


Fried Shrimp $12

Fish and Chips $12

Combo Shrimp & Cod $12

8oz Cheese Burger w/ fries $9


8oz Burger w/ fries $8


Fish Sandwich with Cheese

$8 w/fries


Grilled Fresh Tuna Sandwich, Asian slaw, lettuce, smoked tomato vinaigrette on a Kaiser Roll



Bahn Mi w/ fries

Our own bratwurst pate with Asian slaw,  spicy remoulade, cilantro and lettuce on a hoagie roll

With choice of meats

Pulled smoked Pork $9

Pulled smoked chicken $9

Fried shrimp $12

Soft Shell Crab $12


Frog Legs


Side of Old Bay Fries $4


Comes with fresh chips

Cuban Pork Tacos


Shrimp tacos


Soft Shell Crab Tacos





Parkway Brewing Company:


Sept. 20th - 24th

October 18th - 22nd







OCTOBER 13, 14 AND 15