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LONGFIN GRILL 65 Blue Ridge Passage Lane, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

We will be closed October 3rd and 4th for Catering (next Saturday and Sunday)

Closed October 10th for Catering (Saturday)

Longfin Grill's Menu


Longfin Grill  276-952-3000

Open every weekend now:


Friday/Saturday 12 - 7pm

Sunday 12 - 3pm

Call in orders early for dinner, when we get so busy we can't answer the phone sometimes after 5:30.  Call between 2-4 for dinner pick-ups 5:30 to 7pm and we will try to have it ready when you get there at your given time.  We usually can not answer the phone after 5pm because we are too busy.



BASIC LONGFIN GRILL MENU:  specials on Facebook daily


Longfin Grill Menu
Open Fri/Sat 12-7pm
Sunday 12-3pm
Vegetarian or Vegan Black Bean Burrito $9
Add: Smoked Pulled Mojo Pork $12
Jamaican Black Turtle Beans, Salsa, Cheddar, Sour Cream, in a grilled flour tortilla
Pulled Pork BBQ Plate w/ fries and slaw $12
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich $8 w/fries
Lobster Bisque $6
Frog Legs
Appetizer Dinner
One set $6 2 set w/fries
South Florida Grouper Reuben $12
Burger $8
Cheeseburger $9
Catfish Po’boy $12
Shrimp Po’boy $12
Scallop Po’boy $12
Oyster Po'boy $15
Oyster and Shrimp Po'boy $13
Tacos: 2 Grilled Tortillas, Asian Slaw, Cheddar, Lettuce, Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette, Remoulade
Cuban Pork Tacos $8
Fish Tacos $12
Shrimp Tacos $12
Yellowfin Tuna Tacos $12
Oyster Tacos $15
Side of Old Bay Fries $4
 Fried Shrimp w/fries $12
 Fried Shrimp-n-Scallops w/fries $12
 Fried Scallops w/fries $12 
Fried Oysters $18
 Seafood Platter w/fries and slaw $21
(fish, Scallops, oysters, shrimp)
 Classic Fish and Chips $12
 Fish and Shrimp Combo w/fries $12
 Shrimp and Chicken w/fries $12
 Catfish Sandwich w/fries $8
Fresh Chicken Fingers $9
Seared Tuna Sandwich w/fries $12


In-house Smoked Salmon by the pound $16

In-house Pulled Smoked Pork

also $16 per pound